My Pain। A poem By Rukayat Zaman Sarrinah from London

My Pain by Rukayat Zaman Sarrinah

My Pain

Rukayat Zaman Sarrinah

Honestly, it hurts a lot
But it’s tiny
So why it does, is strange
My pain.
It can’t be seen.
And it takes a LOT-
-for it to appear,
But the slightest of anything-
Can tick it off.
Then I break down.
And I break down hard.
Nothing is able to stop me.
Emotions escalate
The escape.
They burst.
All hell breaks loose.
Feelings everywhere.
In a blur
Only to halt.
For a moment.
It just stops- but it doesn’t feel like that,
I have to anticipate for it to start again
Anticipate for-
For it to hit my like a wave
It hurts.
My pain.
It hurts so much
I wait for someone to realize
But my pain is small
No one would notice
My pain

-Woodford county high school for girls
South Woodford, London, Year 7

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